Co-location Services

Monday, 14 June 2010 18:44 Super User

SurfXpress operates a full service network at 470 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238. We offer co-location services for rack mount and tower servers. You can co-locate one or multiple servers, as well as other network equipments, on standard 42-inch racks, wire racks, or secured cabinets.

The advantages of our services includes the following:

  • Turn-key connectivity - We can provide a direct 100Base-T Cat-5 connection from our network switch to your server (or network devices) or a cross-over to your switch. We maintain a multi-homed 100Mbps connection to the Internet and we will provide IP addresses and gateway for you. Bandwidth are allocated starting from 300kbps (average monthly bandwidth usage) burstable to 100Mbps. Our service is fully plug 'n play, you are not required to maintain your own router.
  • Superior Technical Support - We can provide all levels of technical support including assisting you in configuring your co-located server (subject to service level agreements and additional consulting fees) as well as network and server monitoring.
  • Ancillary Services - We can also provide a variety of ancillary services so that you can focus your activities on maintaining production servers. These services includes DNS, Email, Backup, SNMP monitoring etc. Please see description under "Services" for more details.
  • Flexible Payment Term - Our typical contract is a month-to-month contract with minimal setup fee. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we frequently pass on savings from our own bandwidth purchasing contracts to our customers, as we receive them.

Please click on the icon above to download our brochure (Guide). Alternatively, contact our sales team for additional information and pricing.